Welfare Activities


Tophome Gives out holiday gifts on Women’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other corresponding festival.Tophome also organize league building activities irregularly.

For the employees of the enterprise, employee benefits are also called occupational supplement or  labor benefits. It is the form of money, goods and some services provided by the enterprise to the employees and their families in other to meet the living needs of the workers, in addition to the wage income.

Therefore, the benefits provided by the tophome company are regarded as indirect salary for the employees of the enterprise.Good staff welfare in the enterprise plays an important role in stimulating market competition, attracting and retaining high-quality talents, and reducing the cost of financial expenditure. It is also self-evident for staff to enhance their sense of belonging and loyalty. Moderate staff welfare is a strong guarantee for a successful enterprise to grow day by day. 

High salary is temporary and welfare is long, so this is widely implemented by Tophome's management team. Their continuous improvement has got a stable and strong team around them going to the future.

Welfare Activities

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