NANO stainless steel sink


The advantages of using PVD and nano coating in the sink processing technology

1.Physical Vapor Deposition

PVD refers to the use of low voltage and high current arc discharge technology under vacuum conditions. The advantages of PVD processing in sinks: Rich in color and strong decorative properties (compared to traditional metal primary colors, making kitchen and bathroom spaces more unique) ; The PVD processing of the sink does not produce toxic or polluting substances (throughout the entire production process, no toxic or harmful raw materials are used, making it a completely pollution-free green and environmentally friendly production technology).

2.Nano coating

Nano coating for sink is a new type of coating that can effectively protect sinks from paint peeling. It has good waterproof, anti-corrosion, oil resistant, wear-resistant and other properties, and has a long service life.

Hand made stainless steel sink

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