Installation For TOPHOME Topmount Sink


Tophome stainless steel sink in the kitchen can be installed in three different ways - topmount,undermount,and flush mount. And these three installation methods. The installation method of stainless steel sink on the platform is the simplest among the three installation methods. Just make a hole on the countertop of the restaurant kitchen, with a diameter larger than the sink's diameter and smaller than the sink's outer diameter, to ensure that the sink can fit in and not fall out. Whether it is the disassembly and assembly method after installation, it is also the most convenient and not easy to cause damage to the stainless steel sink itself or the kitchen cabinet countertop. Help make your next build or kitchen renovation project a success.

When installing a topmount sink, here are some common steps:

1.  Cut the installation opening diagram of the basin along the cutting line and recheck it with the physical size of the basin.

2.  Copy the opening diagram on the marble table, and trace the opening line on the marble table to be cut with a pen. When drawing the opening line, we must pay attention to leaving the installation space for the faucet to install the water supply pipe, drainage parts, inlet angle valve, etc. under the marble platform, so as to facilitate the subsequent installation of the basin faucet and drainage components.

3.  After drawing the marble hole line, drill a hole in the cutting mouth, then cut the table along the inner side of the drawn cutting line, and smooth the cutting edge. Be careful during the cutting process, so that the marble panel will not crack or collapse, so that the basin will not be beautiful when installed, and it will not be put into normal use.

4. Install the marble countertop according to the instructions.

5. Put the basin into the cutting hole of the marble countertop, correct the position, and draw an outline on the countertop along the outer edge of the basin with a pencil.

6. Remove the basin, according to the requirements to install the faucet and water.

7. Wipe the glass glue evenly on the table top between the edge line and the cutting edge of the basin, and seal it, so that the basin can be fixed, and it is also to prevent water seepage on the contact surface.

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