Sink Cabinet Design


TOPHOME offer a full line of fully customizable stainless steel residential cabinet. Cabinet Sink may be custom built to your exact size requirement. The elegant and clean look of stainless steel adds a sophisticated style to your indoor kitchen cabinetry.

Our custom made stainless steel cabinets are smooth, durable, and can be modified to your specifications. Cabinet design would equally well work in a kitchen or utility. It also has storage areas for our stove, dishes, utensils, pots and pans. The big countertop gives us plenty of space to prep food, cook or work, this really helped us optimize the space in our kitchen.

A customer only needed a single kitchen cabinet built for beneath her sink, came complete with stainless steel cabinet, and an exact custom stainless sink built right into the top.

Sink Cabinet Design

In the process of the cabinet sink, we have a series of processes as follow:

1. We outlined the customized size master drawing.

2. Confirm the master drawing with customer.

3. Mould the needed tooling or necessary parts after that, We first separate each section, covered with commercial 304 grade stainless steel and given a brushed finish using sanding belts for framework and cabinet cladding look sensational by welding them attached to a larger framework later. 

4. Do a series of tests. Water resistance testing, size measurement ect.

5. In order to reduce the transportation damaged in the process, we adopt wooden case and six sides of foam packaging, foam bead was applied at the top.


Benefits of stainless steel cabinets:

1. Extremely durable, corrosion and stain resistant.

2. Require little maintenance and are very easy to clean

3. Stainless cabinets will not be stained or tarnished when they come into contact with household items and daily use.

 4. Stainless steel cabinets are manufactured with high quality 304 grade stainless steel. These cabinets are strongly built and designed to last a life time

Our products are of high grade quality and our services are provided with a high level of integrity and reliability. For the best stainless steel cabinets, made from the best materials, and produced by the best fabricators, choose TOPHOME! 

TOPHOME will produce your cabinets to custom specifications. Cabinets are made specifically for your installation, the quality, beauty, & design of our cabinets is apparent.


TOPHOME have the expertise and experience to custom make your cabinets, perfectly measured and designed to fit your desired space.

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