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Visited our customer-Dan in USA


In order to understand the need of customer more and do a good job of after-sales service, every year we visit our customers in irregular timing. 

On 24th Feb., we visited Dan who has worked with us for many years. His business is doing very well in America. He orders more than 10 45HQ containers with us every year. And we also win good reputation from our customers.

The main purpose of visit is as follows:

1、 Consult the demand of customer market and sales.

2、 Improve and develop new products for the market 

3、 Technical problems or special problems have been solved by consultation.

4、 Introduce new ways to maintain products for customers

5、 Customer evaluation of our products & Cooperation

Because of our products with good quality and abundant production technology, we win customers trust and sign long-term cooperation contracts.

In the evening, we had dinner together and wish us have a good cooperation with business prosperity in 2019.

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