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Stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sinks are well designed, durable

Stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sinks are well designed, durable


Every home requires one or more sinks in the kitchen and other areas, so property owners are interested in finding a sink supplier who will supply them with quality sinks at an affordable price. Farmhouse sinks were earlier used in homes because they could be used for storing water, when there was no local government water supply in homes. Many home owners are interested in installing a farmhouse or apron sink in their kitchen because it has a large capacity and it gives a vintage look to their kitchen. So dealers and retailers selling kitchen sinks are interested in finding a sink manufacturer who supplies farmhouse sinks.


Tophome stainless steel products is a reputed manufacturer of high quality kitchen, bathroom sinks and other accessories. Their range of stainless steel kitchen sinks include farmhouse, multi-functional, atlas collection, apron, top mount and under mount kitchen sinks. The company is based in Jiangmen, in Guandong province of China. The company was established in the year 2009, and has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of kitchen sinks. The company has more than 100 employees and a factory with an area of more than 10000 square meters using the latest technology and machinery.


Though it is possible to purchase a farmhouse sink in different colors many home owners will prefer to purchase a black farmhouse sink for a number of reasons. Compared to other areas in the kitchen, the kitchen sink is likely to be used extensively, for cleaning and other activities. In some cases, the residue from the utensils being cleaned will remain in the sink. If the sink is black in color, the dirt which will remain will not be easily visible, even if the sink is not cleaned regularly. Additionally if the sink gets stained while cleaning, the stains will not be easily visible if the sink is black in color.

In addition to PVD black, the farmhouse sink is also available in rose gold color and stainless steel silver color, so home owners can choose a suitable color based on their personal preferences and kitchen decor. Like most metal kitchen sinks, the farmhouse sinks are made from stainless steel (SS) material grade 304. This ensures that the sink will be durable, and not get rusted or corroded even if it is filled with water for a long period of time. Depending on the budget of the sink buyer, the sink is available in materials of different thickness and the buyer can choose from 14/16/18 gauge.


Another factor to be considered while choosing a farmhouse sink are the dimensions of the sink, since there should be enough space in the kitchen to fit the sink. The larger sizes of the farmhouse sinks are of length 36 inches, width 19 inches and depth 10 inches. There are also smaller sizes of the farmhouse sink available, the buyer should check the dimensions of the sink, before placing an order. The bottom of the sink is slanted so that the water is easily drained away. The sink is available with two bowls with a drain hole each, so that water is easily drained.


The farmhouse sink is designed so that the strainer can be easily installed and removed if required for cleaning. Realizing that it is difficult to clean the corners of a completely rectangular sink, the corners of the sink are slightly curved, so that the user can ensure that no dirt will accumulate in the corners. An integral ledge which is provided in each sink, so that the sink user can keep the accessories or other items. The entire body of the sink has a brushed atlas steel finish and is coated to prevent scratches and reduce the noise which will be produced while washing.


There are multiple options available for installing the farmhouse sink depending on the model which is selected. For some models there is a top-mount installation option available , while for other models, the under-mount option can be chosen, so based on the kitchen design the right model should be chosen. A limited lifetime warranty is offered for all the kitchen sinks from Tophome SS products, so buyers can be assured of the quality of the product. Hence based on the kitchen design, personal preferences and budget, the buyer can choose the best farmhouse sink from the large number of kitchen sinks available

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