We can customize any designs and any sizes, offering various kinds of different mouldings.
We have developed a series of procedures as following to ensure perfect samples to be made.Subtitle Description

Step 1:

Customer inquiry: 

Accommodated customers with their specific requirements to meet their different designs and demands which is completely personal.

Step 2:

Drawings scheme:

Outline the customized product master drawing according to customer real needs and preferences

Step 3:

Drawings Confirmation:

Confirm master drawing with customer 

Step 4:


Mould the necessary tooling &parts.

Step 5:


Prototype the sample. We have special sample engineer to make the sample.
And our Production Process is: Pressing-bending-Automatic weld-handmade weld-Polishing line-Angle grind-Paste Shockproof board-Painting-QC Inspection- Packing.

Step 6:

Testing sample

We will do a series of tests on the sample including the size measurement, water draining, finishing and packing material etc.

Step 7:

Logo Design

We also can play Logo in the sink according to the need of customer. No matter how complicated your design is, we can do it well.

Step 8:

Pre- production sample:

Once prototype got approval from customer, pre-production sample is ready for mass production.

Each of our products is completed through a long process, from material selection to final product, we should concentrate on every link without mistakes. These requirements need our staff to be more skilled. It would not have been finish without experienced engineers. So there is no doubt about the quality of our products. And there are some sample sink to show:
If you have any idea, tell us at any time, TopHome won't disappoint you!