How many people in Top Home QC team?
In Tophome stainless steel products co. ,LTD., there are two QC teams: one is material testing and the other is finished product testing. ISO 9000 defines quality control as “part of quality management and focuses on meeting quality requirements”. Quality control is an ongoing process that involves everything from purchase to manufacturing and to distribution. You will repeat the business only if the product quality is stably high. We have been making efforts to focus on details and systems to monitor and evaluate products for compliance.

Tophome stainless steel has attracted many customers due to its first-class technology, high quality and competitive price. Tophome stainless steel has created a number of successful series, and black sink is one of them. The touch screen of Tophome stainless steel washing bar sink is made of one or two sheets of glass or another material with some filler or spacers in between the layers. Made of 304 stainless steel, it has a commercial-grade premium finish. Through experiments in both laboratory and industry, it is verified that wood cutting boards features wholesale cutting boards. The product looks great in both commercial and residential facilities.

There is no limit on the road of pursuing good quality for our wood cutting boards. Get more info!
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