dude, where\'s a buyer for my house?

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Ashton Kutcher says he is interested in finding buyers for his Hollywood Hills home, quietly buying for $12 million. The modern-style, three-
Built in 2007, the story house can see the Hollywood Reservoir and the Hollywood logo.
There are five bedrooms and eight bathrooms in nearly 9,385 square feet of living space.
The hotel features a fitness center, a sauna, a wine cellar, an elevator and a living room fireplace.
The house is over half an acre and has a swimming pool and spa.
He bought the property for $8 and is looking for a buyer two years later.
0. 455 billion can be related to changes in his life.
He\'s engaged to his mother. to-be Mila Kunis.
After replacing Charlie sing in 2011, the 36-year-old Kutcher has starred in the sitcom Two and a Half Men.
The 30-year-old Kutcher and Kunis both took part in the \"Post-70 Show\" from 1998 to 2006 \".
He starred in Apple last year. co-
Steve Jobs, founder of the film jobs
He also starred in \"no strings attached\" (2011)
\"What happened in Vegas \"(2008)
\"Dude, Where\'s My Car? \" (2000).
UpJanuary Jones, the actress in Mad Men, put her position in Los Feliz on the market for $1. 495 million.
The enclosed Mediterranean was built in 1923 and is located in a small 6,500-square-foot lot.
Features include hardwood floors, living room fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows, front patio, breakfast area, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and service entrance.
Updated kitchen with island, marble counter and stainless steel
Steel appliances.
From 2,200-have views of Griffith Observatory and surrounding hillsidesquare-foot, two-story house.
Jones, 36, has been playing Mad Men since 2007, playing Grace Kelly --
Betty Draper.
Her film credits include \"Seeking Justice\" (2011), \"Unknown\" (2011)
And \"American Wedding \"(2003).
She bought the property for $1 in 2009.
2 million, according to public records.
The actress bought another house in Topanga for $1. 7 million.
Adam Sires of nourdemand & Associates and Michael nourdemand are listed agents on Los Feliz home.
Jamie mccott sold her home, former Dodgers chief executive and co-president Jamie mccott
The owner sold her property in the West End for $45 million.
Ten years ago, she and then-
Husband Frank mccaur for nearly $25-
According to an article in The Times, the asking price is a pound.
Now her interest has moved her further north.
She bought a 22.
In the fall, the acre vineyard estate in Napa is sold for $11. 25 million.
Designed for grand
The compound sold by Jamie McCourt was built in 1931 and is located on building 2.
Six acres behind a few doors-hundred-foot-long driveway.
Contemporary Europe
The feature of the style villa is a step
Living room, commercial kitchen, art studio, atrium, bar, pool room, home theater, library/study, dance studio and wine cellar.
The 20,637-square-foot living space has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.
In addition to the main building, there are guest houses, staff apartments and swimming pools.
The indoor pool features a spa, a steam room, and a massage room.
The Manor is located near the Playboy Mansion.
Kurt lapapport of the West End real estate brokerage is a listed agent.
Stephen Resnick of Hilton and Hailan/Christie international real estate and Ed Fitz of the agency represent the buyers.
Cheviot Hills pad is suitable for writer 50 ay Bradbury\'s home for more than 50 years, where he finished most of his writing and went public at Cheviot Hills for $1.
0. 495 billion and hosted within three weeks.
A traditional home built in 1937 with vaulted ceilings, brick fireplace in the living room, wall panel and crown molding.
The 2,456-square-foot living space includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
Bradbury, who died two years ago at the age of 91, wrote in the basement of his home almost every day. A two-
The garage faces the street with lawn in front and back.
The works published by the writer include novels, plays, scripts and short stories.
His hot titles include 451 degrees Fahrenheit, Mars chronicles, and illustrated characters.
He won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007.
Rory Posin and Kristian Bonk of Re/Max Estate Properties are listed agents.
Where a professional chef eats \"Top Chef\" runner fan Richter-
Stefan\'s owner in Los Angeles. A.
His Santa Monica bungalow is for sale for $1. 499 million.
In addition to the red front door, 1945 of the house has a retro vibe in 945 square feet of space with oak floors and French doors.
There are two bedrooms and one. 75 bathrooms.
As expected in a professional chef\'s home, the kitchen comes with an old fashioned stove, a commercial refrigerator, and oversized stainless steel
Steel sink and slate floor.
There is a herb garden near the kitchen door.
Outside, the hotel is full of quirky charm. A Moroccan-
The inspired outdoor living space includes a water feature and a fire pit.
There is a custom Finnish sauna nearby, Richter himself and the backSauna.
The converted garage includes a kitchen and a three
Quarterly bathroom.
Richter, 41, also has restaurants in his native Finland.
The bright properties of tamipadi Paddy and Heidi are listed agents.
His home is his castle, a voice.
In the artist and veteran actor, take his castle-
Houses like Manor Heights cost $1. 468 million.
Built in 1930, 4. 15-
The acre estate is known as a charming estate or castle.
The main house and two guest houses have six bedrooms and five bathrooms, covering an area of 4,544 square feet.
Features include high church ceiling, handmade
Beams, mahogany doors, balcony, two basements and a 360-
Degree landscape including the San Bernardino Mountains and the Los Angeles Basin.
There is a car turntable in front of the house for quick travel.
The hotel also offers a swimming pool, avocado, an outdoor kitchen, and barbecue facilities.
Lukather is known in the \"Legacy of Kain\" series as Vorador\'s video game sound.
His TV works include a series of \"men from the United States. N. C. L. E.
\"Be smart\", \"Mission: Impossible\" and \"cheer \".
He also starred in or co-starred in 1960 films \"dinosaurs!
\"Hands of strangers\" and \"Road to the West \".
\"Deborah Kay Sanchez of 21st Century discovery is a listing agent. lauren. beale@latimes.
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