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CASE 01: Ice Basin

CASE 01: Ice Basin

The Ice Basin is produced for customer

TopHome, established for many years, has always insisted on superior service. In order to create more possibilities and unique products for customers, we can provide OEM/ODM (customized services). Customers can tell us the requirements and product they need, we will combine the product function, production process, designing to make customers satisfied with the product.

Last year, we designed and produced a sink for our customers who have worked with us for three years. This sink can be used for freezing small amounts of vegetables, fruits, drinks, etc.
We designed 12 small holes at the bottom of the tank, they around a circle. These 12 small holes are used to drain ice water. Round corner design is adopted to clean easily. The sink with medium size and no too heavy, because we use 18G/304 grade stainless steel material.

Before mass production, we will make a small sample for the customer's confirmation.

If there is with any problem, we will reorder the materials and arrange production the whole order. In each process, the technician will confirm with the designer repeatedly for every detail of sink to avoid errors. Especially in the electric welding, if the production has a little mistake, the sink will appear gap. So we have to be very careful.

We are very proud of the popularity of this stainless steel sink in our customers' market.
We are very satisfied with the finished product after production. The next step is packing. To avoid damage or deformation, a honeycomb box is a good choice. We put foam and plank in it and play the packing belt on the outside to reinforce the packing.
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